Pharmaplast (Pvt.) Limited

Pharmaplast (Pvt) Ltd (PPL) is a subsidiary of AHI Corp initiated in November 2014, providing a range of quality PET bottles to the Pharmaceutical industry, manufactured using state of the art Japanese technology following internationally approved quality standards.The Company is constantly engaged to meet the rising demands of national and international Industry, and is thriving to get recognitions worldwide.
CEO of Pharmaplast has been awarded with Young Entrepreneur Award by the President of Pakistan.
PPL has the capacity to manufacture 48 Million bottles annually

Technology :

Latest machineries are installed in the vicinity of Peshawar to meet the rising demands of Industry
ASB Nissei Japan

Supplier Status:

The company has got the approved facility supplier status from the following:

  • Qarshi Industries
  • Hamdard
  • Global Pharmaceutical
  • Masood Pharmaceutical
  • Libra Pharmaceutical
  • Medicraft
  • And many more
  • Strategic Positioning


Product Range :

PPL products are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The bottles produced are primarily used for syrups and powders. These bottles are designed to sustain maximum pressure, are resistant to heat and meet all the standards set by Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Packaging industries.
PET Bottles – 30ml, 60ml, 90ml, 120ml and 150ml